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Great Monastic Women

Great Monastic Women at Monasteries of the Heart

How much time do you devote to your inner life?

The truth is that enriching your inner life can change your outlook on just about everything. And, fortunately, there are many spiritual giants whose own journeys to wholeness can guide you as you search for fullness and meaning. Where did figures like Dorothy Day or Saints Hildegard of Bingen, Gertrude or Scholastica, for example, find the inspiration for their lives and work? How did they connect with the divine? What difference can their witness make in your life?

This Monasteries of the Heart eRetreat, Great Monastic Women, will introduce you to the life and times of these four Benedictine women who shaped, challenged, and embraced the monastic tradition, and it will offer you the opportunity to pray as they did, through sacramental rituals, psalms, chants, and other forms of prayer.

Facilitated by Sister Anne McCarthy and Oblate Jacqueline Small.