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How Shall We Live: The Six Pillars of Monastic Life

How Shall We Live: The Six Pillars of Monastic Life

“How shall I live?” Isn’t that the question each of us presses to our heart as we move through our days? It’s the same question that Benedict of Nursia addressed 1,500 years ago.

In her book, Radical Christian Life, Sister Joan Chittister selected and commented on six pillars that she believes are integral to Saint Benedict’s Rule and essential to meeting the challenges of our times. The six monastic values are: work, holy leisure, stewardship, community, humility and peace.

In this eCourse, you will be invited to explore these “six pillars” through the ancient writings of the Rule and the Life and Miracles of Saint Benedict as well as the creative insight of Sister Joan, monastic tales and contemporary wisdom. The eCourse will be facilitated by Sister Mary Ellen Plumb, a beloved teacher for Monasteries of the Heart, who is convinced that the six values presented here can help all seekers live an ordinary life extraordinarily well.