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Sacred Moments—Lectio on Ordinary Time

Sacred Moments: Lectio on Ordinary Time

Is it difficult for you to feel peace or wonder in the midst of your daily life? Is it hard to find beauty and meaning when the dishes are piled in the sink, or when your neighbors can be heard through the walls? We often think of the sacred as something far-off and mystical, to be found in a cathedral or on a mountaintop, rather than something that even mundane moments may be infused with. Yet Joan Chittister writes that, “Benedictine spirituality… is a life of concentration on life's ordinary dimensions, an attempt to do ordinary things extraordinarily well."

Increase your awareness of the holiness of each day by participating in Sacred Moments: Lectio on Ordinary Time, an eCourse led by Sister Carolyn Gorny-Kopkowski, a Benedictine Sister of Erie and a celebrated retreat leader.

This course will pull you deeper into everyday sacred moments and awaken you to the divine presence in your life through the ancient practice of lectio divina, reflective sacred reading. Sister Carolyn’s sacred text is the ordinariness of our daily lives; as you pray with her reflections and experiment with her suggested activities, you will be guided to more fully embrace the stuff of your own life, and encounter blessings you may never have noticed before.