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Eve: Crone of hope and strength

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Let us begin our discussion of Eve rooted in Sr. Joan's text in Passion for Life, and the beautiful icon of Eve painted by Robert Lentz. I think most of you have the book now, so you can read Sr. Joan's essay, but for those of you who don't, I'm posting here a thumbnail of Lentz' image of Eve.

So what do you see in this icon? What traits of Eve speak to you as you meditate upon this icon?

Create a prayer, a poem, a reflection that emerges from prayerful meditation of this image of Eve.
I'll begin.

Eve, mother of us all,
Maligned unfairly
throughout so much of Christian history,
Yet you offer us life,
New life, ever renewing life.

Your wisdom speaks to us through the centuries,
Your care for all creation challenges us,
Your curiosity empowers us,
Your boldness inspires us.

May we find in you our voice,
our own gifts for the future,
our Spirit, our Being.

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