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Monasticism is for Everyone

Monasticism is for Everyone

Do you consider yourself a monk? If so, where do you fit in the monastic tradition? How would you articulate your life as a monk? If you are looking for answers to those questions, this eCourse is for you.

The monastic tradition is broad, flexible and deep with surprising continuity through the ages. In this online community, Monasteries of the Heart is a new expression of ancient tradition without a geographical center. Therefore, each one of us are monks, but many of us shy from claiming our place in the tradition. 

This eCourse will be a sweeping survey of the history of the Christian monastic tradition, primarily through the often hidden experience of women shapers and leaders. As we move through this study, we hope that each person will find a connection to the history and a home in the tradition for your own monastic journey. 

This course is for you if you wonder: 

  • How might monastic life support your sense of purpose, your search for God, your longing to live a life of meaning and purpose, your desire to live a radical gospel life, your aspiration to grow in love? How has monastic life been that for others through the ages?
  • What are your challenges, gifts and struggles in your monastic life? What were the challenges, gifts, struggles of some of the monks, especially women monks through history? 
  • Are there forms of monastic life you are particularly drawn to, or do you want to create something new in the tradition? What teachings from the past offer us models today? 

Explore these questions and more in this eCourse facilitated by Anne McCarthy, OSB. In addition to regular forum discussions engaged with at your own pace throughout May, we will offer zoom discussions at the beginning (May 4 at 1pm ET) and end (May 31 at 1PM ET). Zoom discussions will include large and small group reflection about our lives as monks, and will be recorded and available later for those unable to be present.