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Writing God eCourse
Writing of the God You Hope For

Who is God? How has your idea of God, or relationship with God, evolved throughout your life?


Who is God? How has your idea of God, or relationship with God, evolved throughout your life? What does it mean to believe in God, anyways? As seekers, these questions invite theological imagination in us that spark our spiritual path onward.


Using Joan Chittister’s book My Theology as a guide, this eCourse will help each of us deepen in our understanding of an evolving God, evolving purpose, and evolving world today. Each week, we will consider insight from Sister Joan’s book, offer writing prompts to craft your own theology, and gather on Zoom to share our emerging insights. In a rhythm of study, reflection, and discussion, each of us will embrace the theologian within us, giving name to that which is most true in our hearts and minds. 


All are welcome, even if you don’t yet consider yourself a theologian. The fourth century monk Evagrius wrote, “The one who prays is a theologian; the one who is a theologian, prays.” We hope that this eCourse might offer space for each of us to “write of the God we hope for,” in the words of one medieval Beguine mystic. With this renewed sense of meaning, each of us will step back into our daily lives with a deeper purpose and wider vision, abiding in a God worthy of our world today.


The eCourse will include ten sessions total, three of which on Zoom. It will begin on Friday, September 29 and end on Friday, October 20. All sessions will occur on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Most sessions will be posted as forums online that participants can read and respond to on their own schedule. The weekly Zoom Calls will be recorded and shared afterward, but to join for the live conversations, save these dates and times:

Friday, Oct 6 at 1pm ET

Friday, Oct 13 at 1pm ET

Friday, Oct 20 at 1pm ET


Forum discussions and Zoom calls will be led by Katie Gordon, staff member at Monasteries of the Heart. She holds a Master of Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School, and facilitates spiritual conversation and community through initiatives such as Nuns & Nones, The Formation Project, and more. Katie was the Joan Chittister Intern in 2019, and lives with the Benedictine Sisters in a small intentional community called the Pax Priory in Erie, PA.


Purchasing My Theology: An Evolving God, An Evolving Purpose, An Evolving World by Joan Chittister is not required; if you want to, find the links to do so here.